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Swimming Pool & Spa Design
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Above Ground Swimming Pools by:

We offer several sizes and models of above ground pools that will fit anyone’s budget.  With our high quality above grounds you don’t have to sacrifice quality or looks. All of our above ground pools come with a high quality liner, wide-mouth skimmer, 1hp or larger pump and sand, cartridge or DE filter system, start-up chemicals & self closing and latching entry system. We also offer very affordable upgrade packages depending on your wants and needs. And once you are swimming we offer free computerized water tests and are available to answer any questions you may have as you maintain and enjoy your pool.

Doughboy Builds the Highest Quality Pools on the Market Today. View Our Pool Line Below to Find the Perfect One for Your Backyard

Steel Frame Pools

Doughboy’s pool frames are designed to last. Our steel frames provide more protective layers, coatings, and treatments to offer the ultimate protection against corrosion and abrasion.


48" & 52" Steel Frame Pool, 6" Steel Top Rails, 3" Steel Verticals

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Silver Lake

52" Steel Frame Pool, 6" Steel Top Rails, 6" Steel Verticals

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Palm Shore

52" Steel Frame Pool, 8½" Steel Top Rails, 7" Steel Verticals

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Copper Canyon

48" & 52" Steel Frame Pool, 7" Steel Top Rails, 6" Steel Verticals

Resin Frame Pools

Doughboy’s resin pool frames provide an elegant, smooth finish along with unparalleled strength and durability.

Autumn Breeze

52" Resin Frame Pool, 6½" Resin Top Rails, 6" Resin Verticals

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Desert Spring

52" & 54" Resin Frame Pool, 8" Resin Top Rails, 7" Resin Verticals

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52" Resin Frame Pool, 8" Resin Top Rails;, 7" Resin Verticals

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52" Resin Frame Pool, 10½" Resin Top Rails,10½" Resin Verticals

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52" Resin Frame Pool, 12" Resin Top Rails, 12" Resin Verticals

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